Hourly Comics Day 2011

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February 1st was Hourly Comics day, and I participated for the first time!  The low down: on February 1, from the time you wake up to the time you go to bed, you make one journal comic every hour.  February 1st was the day after we got back from Las Vegas, and my first day back at work in a week.

I didn’t finish inking until last night, but I’m pretty proud for finishing the pencils before February 1st was through! It was fun, and great practice.

Thirty Before Thirty: Keep an illustrated journal/sketchbook

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Well, today’s my 30th birthday! And I have one more thing I can knock off my Thirty Before Thirty list.

Although I wasn’t terribly consistent with the sketchbook this year, I am pretty proud that I managed to fill up 2 Moleskines with journal notes, sketches, doodles and ideas. Many of my favorite spreads are from when we were on vacation: Vancouver B.C., Newport, Costa Rica, Montreal (where Todd proposed!) and Vermont.

Vancouver BC


Costa Rica packing

Costa Rica diary


Of course there are a lot more doodles, scribbles, website concepts and such in the rest of the 80 pages. See the whole thing on Flickr (or check out slideshow below):

Thirty before Thirty: Buy a long board and ride a wave standing up

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I wish I could say I have some serious catching up to do with my “Thirty Before Thirty” list; unfortunately I only have 2 more things I can check off the list (as of this moment) that I haven’t written about.  Hopefully I can knock one more item off the list by my birthday – THIS SATURDAY – but I’m not sure I’ll have the time to finish it up.  So I suppose my list was a huge bust.  But I’m really not that disappointed about it. I’ll write about why later.

I had quite a few “perfect for summer” tasks on the list but I really only completed one of them: Buy a long board and ride a wave standing up.  This past June Todd and I went down to Costa Rica for a week.  Although the surf was awful (for a place that is supposed to have consistently good surf anyway) we still had an amazing time and I learned a lot.  The trip renewed my interest in surfing the Pacific so when we got back to Oregon I was determined to finally get my own board.  Although it would’ve been great to be riding my own board all summer, we didn’t get around to it until October, when I bought…

… “Spiderman”!  He’s only a 7′8″ so for most people he wouldn’t be considered a longboard, but for me he is.

We took Spiderman out to Short Sands on that sunny day in October:

I still only ride in the white water, so it’s nothing fancy, but I did ride some waves standing up! Todd was helping me learn how to turn a little bit.

That was the last time I surfed in 2010; but we’ve both been itching to surf more. It’s been too cold for me this January (Todd went out once in 30-degree weather. Yikes.) but this weekend is looking pretty good!

Of course we’re always dreaming of Costa Rica

Peanut Butter & Graham Crackers

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Some days you just have to snack like a 5 year old.

(and wear an owl pajama sweatshirt like one too)

Thirty Before Thirty: Life Drawing

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I’m in total denial that it’s been almost SEVEN MONTHS since I last wrote anything on here. You’d think in that amount of time I would have checked off at least a few items from my “Thirty before Thirty” list. Yes, you’d THINK that. Well, to be honest, after a couple months of “oh I’ve got LOTS of time, I’ll just work on those things later”… I completely FORGOT about the list! Looking back on it now I realize there were quite a few things that I really should have gotten to this summer when it was nice outside (picnics, bike rides). And there are are some other things that I really should have been working on this whole time but haven’t (animating something every month).

Well, anyway, I’m not going to be too hard on myself. I have had other projects come up and overall I am pretty happy with how I’ve spent my time so far in 2010.

One thing that I can definitely check off the list is: “Go to life drawing sessions/classes.”

Todd and I found a great studio right on Burnside on the way home from work: Hipbone Studio. We’ve been attending the Wednesday evening drop-in life drawing sessions. And, for the most part, we go every week. It’s been great! Not only are we getting better at drawing the figure, but it gives us three hours of uninterrupted, meditative drawing time in the middle of the week. No computers, no work-worries, no household chores – just drawing. I definitely look forward to going every week.


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Hey! So my star wars cookies ended up in a slideshow on OC Weekly, and they linked to my website. So instead of having everyone look at non-cookie related stuff on my blog, I thought I’d throw up a slideshow of all the cookies I’ve made so far.

For anyone visiting from OC Weekly, I’m not a professional baker or cookie maker or anything -  I just make them as gifts for friends, and they seem to like them so I just kept doing it.

Thanks for visiting!


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Man… February 2010 kind of sucked for me.

But March feels like a fresh start.

After experiencing the monotonous, soul-sucking judicial process for a week by serving as a juror on a pointless civil trial, having the worst cold/illness I’ve had for a couple years (upper respiratory infection), feeling so behind on work yet also feeling too burnt out to work extra hours, and finally (and worst of all), my very sweet & kind grandfather passing away… I am ready for a new month.

I feel like I’ve learned some lessons, I’ve been hurt, I’ve been healed, and I’ve been rejuvenated to continue creating new things and having new experiences.  It’s time to dive into my list with renewed conviction. In February I abandoned my sketchbook/journal a bit, but it’s about time we became reacquainted.  I have another set of cookies that needs some icing and a grand reveal to its recipient (oooh, who could it be?). Spring is just starting to spring so it’s almost time to start getting outside again; gardening, bike rides, picnics, and general exploring.  It’s time to start drawing more. And more. And more. And more. South by Southwest is coming up in a week and I need to make some new business cards.  I have a lot to do and I feel excited to get to the doing.

Meanwhile, Todd has finished up a very special project that we just HTML-ified and put online last weekend. It’s a “what we did in 2009″ recap, but in super fun, design-y style. Check it out at Quackenblog.

Todd also just started a Tumblr blog tonight in which he shares some of his musical findings, of which he has quite a lot. And those findings are quite good. So that can be found here: candyhugs.tumblr.com

So, anyway, March: I like you so far. I feel a little more caught up with work, I feel inspired, SXSW is coming soon, and more good things are on the way, I can tell. So, thanks.

Thirty Before Thirty

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As I mentioned in my last post, I was inspired by Andrea over at hula seventy to create my own list of things to do before I turn 30 years old (next January).  Here’s her list for this year. And here’s mine.

I thought I would have it done by my birthday but I wanted to make sure I got it right, so I didn’t rush or pressure myself.  I kept that mantra in mind as well as I wrote this list – no “draw something every day” or “write a blog post every week”.  Those types of goals just make me feel stressed and I am more likely to give up on them if I miss a day or two or seven.  I always think, since I screwed up that one time, I may as well just give up on the whole thing because I ruined the “streak”.  I have already started my illustrated journal, and I’ve tried to be very forgiving of myself if I don’t draw or write anything for a week.  If it’s been a while, I just pick it up when I get some time and keep going, and try to avoid the whole idea that I have failed if days and days have passed without any drawings.  That just causes me to feel like I am “behind” and then I avoid the whole activity until I can muster up the motivation to do multiple days worth of drawings (crazy).

So I guess Number Zero on this list is “forgive yourself”.  I think that’s a good one.  Here are the rest, in no particular order of importance:

  1. List something for sale on Etsy
  2. Make promotional illustration postcards
  3. Illustrate something… for money! *gasp*
  4. Design and print “real” business cards  – backups for when I don’t have hand-made cards :)
  5. Put up a portfolio website (for both web development and illustration)
  6. Keep an illustrated journal/sketchbook (See my sketchbooks for 2010!)
  7. Go to life drawing sessions/classes (Life drawing at Hipbone Studio)
  8. Animate a little something every month
  9. Create an infographic (or an animated how-to or how-this-works)
  10. Set up an “arts & crafts cabinet”  to make pens, pencils, paper, glue, Xacto knives, sketchbooks, paints, etc. easily accessible upstairs (e.g. not in basement)
  11. Fill a sketchbook with drawings from around Portland (landscapes, buildings, statues, etc)
  12. Make a gardening/home improvement/travel blog with Todd, where we write about… life and stuff (not work)
  13. On that note… create a “travel-log”-esque website for our 2009 Switzerland trip
  14. Make a stuffed animal for Carter’s first birthday (my nephew)
  15. Visit the Classical Chinese Gardens and drink tea
  16. Explore Portland’s west hills, and see the Rose Garden, Japanese Gardens, and see Pittock Mansion
  17. Hike in Forest Park
  18. Have a picnic in Cathedral Park and walk across the St. John’s Bridge
  19. Buy a long board and ride a wave standing up (I bought Spiderman and surfed at Short Sands)
  20. Drive down Hwy 101, surf, see the Redwoods and hang out in Ashland again
  21. Learn rudimentary Italian and French
  22. Give thoughtful gifts to my close friends and family for their birthdays
  23. Finish Todd’s Valentine’s scarf (started for V-Day 2008)
  24. Make a terrarium
  25. Learn to hockey stop on my right side (and just overall become a better skater)
  26. Bike the Springwater Corridor from Main City Park in Gresham to the Eastbank Esplanade
  27. Decorate the mantel and hang pictures above the fireplace
  28. Make an inspiration board – OR – decorate my office/desk area at home with things that inspire me
  29. Attend a roller derby match
  30. Attend a play/ballet/symphony concert

Drawing, baking and making things

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I haven’t drawn anything for Illustration Friday for a few weeks. But that’s not to say I haven’t been drawing. I’m starting to get back into the habit of picking up my sketchbook and just doodling, instead of mindlessly sitting in front of my computer like I always seem to do in the evenings. I always read other blogs and check out artists’ websites, and feel amazed and inspired and a little intimidated.  And then think “I should do something like that” but instead of actually doing it I read more blogs. You know, that old cycle.

I’ve also been reading various New Years’ resolution lists, and articles about how to achieve your resolutions, and strategies for getting started working your resolutions.  But I haven’t made my own list.  I think this year rather than make a few vague resolutions I’m going to make a list of ‘30 things to do before I’m 30′.  I got the inspiration from this awesome blog: hula seventy. I found it through Ward Jenkins whom I follow on Twitter (hula seventy is his wife’s blog.  They are both amazingly talented people with awesome blogs. )  I turn 29 in January, and I really like the idea of having your birthday be the start of your own personal New Year, and setting a specific list of goals to accomplish before your next birthday.

I haven’t officially started the list yet but I have a few ideas kicking around.  One of the most important to me is doing something creative on a daily basis. I’m not sure if I want to start a daily sketch journal and hold myself to doing it EVERY day, or be a little looser and just make sure to make some doodles or write a haiku or knit or… whatever, every day.  My ultimate, practical goal from doing this would be to get better and more confident with drawing, since I would love to eventually be doing illustration professionally. But I think knitting or writing or doing anything else creative would contribute to that confidence boost too, and I would just feel better about myself not spending too much time in front of the computer (which is what I do all day at work, I don’t need to do it at home, too).

So my only actual New Years’ resolution this year: Finish my “30 things by 30″ list before my birthday on January 22.

So speaking of doing something creative, here are some cookies I made for our neighbors.  I’m in the process of making other sets of cookies with different themes for various friends and family members as well. They were all going to be Christmas presents, but most of them will have to be ‘Happy New Year’ and maybe even ‘Happy February’ cookies. These are my favorite so far, simpler is definitely better when you are working with royal icing as a medium.  Some of my other cookie designs have been a little too elaborate (trying to get a likeness of existing characters from TV or movies, or trying to use semi-realistic shading and colors).  But I’m learning a lot and getting better at figuring out the process. I still get icing and food coloring all over myself no matter what I do.  It’s not pretty…

These fruits and vegetables are definitely not good for you, but they are pretty tasty!

Illustration Friday: entangled

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Had to take a picture because the paint was still wet: