Illustration Friday: Blur

Posted 7 years ago at 12:08 am. 6 comments

I was never a big fan of this band (I like some of Damon Albarn’s other projects, e.g. Gorillaz and The Good, the Bad and the Queen), but trying to think of something to draw for this week’s theme, “Blur,” they were all I could think about.

This is a homage to the video for their ‘one hit wonder’ song, Song 2, a.k.a. that “woohoo” song.

I actually started in pencil and ink this time, which was awesome.  I’m definitely going to try and do more of that.  Cleaned up and colored in Photoshop, but it wasn’t a great experience… next time I might just keep the whole thing on paper and do watercolors or something.



EDIT: Looks like at least one other IF’er had the same idea for Blur :)

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  1. I love the action in this! Every single character has a unique and interesting gesture. And there is something so cute about them! Adding the text was the icing on the cake. This was a real treat!!! :)

  2. Good times. I like this one a lot. Great Job!

  3. cbakes Nov 13th 2009

    I love your drawings Jill, so fun! We’ll hit up the next mobile event. WAY worth missing for this great illustration :-)

  4. Stephen A. Nov 13th 2009

    Totally worth it! Rad seeing the process and evolution of the illustration.

  5. Erin Seale Nov 13th 2009

    Song 2 was the first song I learned on the guitar; it wore out my ears. I still like the song Coffee and TV quite a bit. Cool drawing!

  6. Woohoo, thanks guys!

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